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Tasty Food That Does Not Lead To Weight Gain
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Tasty Food That Does Not Lead To Weight Gain

Good health is an asset for life time and with our list of tasty food that does not lead to weight gain will surely do enough for you.

Who doesn’t likes to eat and not gain weight? And for that we have shared some of the healthy foods which are tasty as well .


Oatmeal will give you all the protein that you need also carbs and several more. Just blend it with milk. Don’t put sugar in it because sugar is one of the biggest cause for weight gain and diabetes as well.


One of the tastiest fruit is Pineapple. It has a lot of health benefits which includes improving body immune system, a great source of healthy carbs, lowering the risk of cancer, and also helps in keeping your eyesight visibility good.

Boiled Chicken

Another tasty food that does not lead to weight gain is boiled chicken. And if you are non-vegetarian and want to grow your muscles then add boiled chicken. Chicken is a great source of energy.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein. If you eat three eggs a day you will have every vitamin and mineral. Also, eggs would not cost you much.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are the best source of carbs and it provides you with excellent and good energy. Nutritionist always recommends adding sweet potato in your meal after your workout. They also have natural sugar.


We all know that banana is the best source of protein, carbs and vitamins. Bananas are the best post-workout meal if you are a gym freak.

These were some of the tasty food that does not lead to weight gain however, there is a simple logic which is you’ll gain more weight if you consume more calories than you burn.

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